Kotaku Off Topic: Gaga Reflex

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Day... one(?) of CES wasn't the most eventful of convention days, but it did see two keynotes, one from Sony and one from Microsoft that were relevant to our interests. But, like this post, they were mostly off topic.

The PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network, Xbox 360 and Xbox Live got some attention at their respective showcases, but not as much as the rest of the stuff. Windows, slate PCs, Sony's 3D Bravias and the unusual Dash personal internet device dominated, much to the drowsiness of this editor. Anyone see non-gaming related things at CES this week that are now instant purchases?

And what's up with Polaroid and Lady Gaga? Feel free to discuss all these off topic things in the open thread below. And enjoy some off topic news from today!


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Anyone else have this, and also think that this was one of the better albums of 2009?