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Kotaku Off Topic: F**** C***

Illustration for article titled Kotaku Off Topic: F**** C***

Feels good to be back in charge of Kotaku Off Topic, especially one of the highly coveted Friday editions of the post where anything goes conversationally. So get in here and let's discuss.


My off topic, off work weekend is surprisingly on topic. Tonight, I'll be going to an event that I guess I'm not technically supposed to talk about. That's rule one and two, apparently. The rest of the weekend will be in part spent at a local fighting game tournament, the UGTL. I won't be competing, of course, since the lowliest scrub at these kinds of fighting game competitions would easily wipe the floor with my untrained ass.

Tell us all about your weekend plans, rules permitting, or steer the talk in the direction you prefer. Your call.


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Cool Story, Bro

I honestly can't think of anything that isn't related to gaming tonight.

I'm curious if anyone knows if there are any "life sim" games on the PSP, stuff that's like Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing on the DS.