Kotaku Off Topic: Bustin'

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It's a special hump day edition of Kotaku Off Topic, meaning we'll take some time to talk about things that aren't video game related. Hey, that's just like every other edition of Kotaku Off Topic!

What's on my mind is that lone beer that's currently chilling in my refrigerator. It's a Yards Brewing Company Philadelphia Pale Ale, part of a pack of local beers and microbrews that was shipped to my house in December. See, I got a beer "subscription" for Christmas, one of the more pleasantly perfect gifts I've been given. Another box of beer should be showing up shortly, one with a different batch of bottles. Very exciting.

I suppose if you're looking for a topic of conversation, maybe you should share with the group one of the better gifts you've been given. If not, here are some other developments from the day.


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Le Starman Royale, duc des Mudkips et des modules MIDI

Inspired by wirebrain's Table Top Tuesday success, (Starman) mudkip has decided to start his own forum tag:

As some people close to me may know, I'm sort of a music buff myself, and a very diverse one at that. I listen to all kinds of music genres, from country to synthpop, and even the good ol' oldies as well!

I notice that there is loads of mention of music at Kotaku, but there isn't really that much attention paid to it in the comments...

Therefore, I have decided to make a new weekly feature called #MusicMasters and it will be for every Monday! (Geddit? Because when handing off the music tapes to press, you master the CD pressing?)

I was thinking that every Monday, to uplift people's spirits, I could talk about music and ask around, and sometimes post reviews if I choose to do so.

So! As the inaugural launch of #MusicMastersMonday begins, I must ask you all...

What music is currently playing on your computer/music player/radio/etc.?

Here's mine. ^_^