Kotaku Off Topic: Burbank

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Back to the grindstone, back to the pleasure of Monday editions of Kotaku Off Topic. Let's talk about our weekends, whether they were packed with gaming goodness or pleasures of another sort.

I did, as previously posted, see Iron Man 2 this weekend. Yes, it drags and, yes, it packs in way too much into its two hours and change on screen. But it was good clean fun and, best of all, not insulting to the intelligence. The highlight from this weekend's theater experience, however, was getting a big screen look at the new Inception trailer. If you haven't seen it, it comes highly recommended. I like Ellen Paige.

*ahem* Here's a link to that Inception trailer and a few other semi-important to non-important things. Let's discuss.


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Sort of on topic, sort of off topic, hope no one destar's me for this but...does anyone else not really like Tim Rogers?