Kotaku Off Topic: Belly Burger

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There really aren't enough video games built around the concept of the hamburger. Similarly a shame, the amount of burger in my digestive tract at this very moment. I'm about to correct that.


While you're reading, contemplating and commenting in tonight's Kotaku Off Topic thread, in which anything can be discussed, I'll be at my nearest Umami Burger. I'll probably be eating malt liquor tempura onion rings and eating an unhealthy amount of beef. We're not lacking for quality burger places in Los Angeles (In 'n' Out, The Counter, Fathers Office, etc.), but this will be my first trip to Umami.

I'm always on the lookout for good food and travel often, so recommendations about your favorite local restaurants—whether they serve burgers or not—are welcome and highly appreciated in the comments. Otherwise, this Kotaku Off Topic is all yours...

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I present the LUTHER BURGER.

Basically it`s a 10oz+ burger with 6 pieces of bacon and cheese sandwiched between 2 krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Several arteries were clogged in the consumption of it :S