Kotaku Off Topic: Basket Case

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Wipe away that case of the Mondays, Kotaku readers, and do so with a little off topic conversation that can be cleansing and cathartic. The comment thread in this post is yours for the taking.


Of course, if you want to talk about bunnies and Cadbury Creme Eggs and Easter basket grass, that's your prerogative. I don't think I'll be chowing down on any chocolate bunny ears or an assortment of jelly beans this Easter weekend, a clear sign of getting older. Nor will I be in the business of bunny ownership, as I was (or at least my family was) in previous decades. Speaking of bunnies, how about that cute pic?

Say goodbye to your Monday (or hello to your Tuesday) by waxing off-topic about these things or other things in the comments.


Community Question


Describe your average night out. Do you go out in a large group? Do you stick to the same drink for most/all night or do you mix it up? How many pubs, bars, clubs do you normally hit? (can you differentiate between pub, bar and club?) What kind of activities are there in the places you normally go (darts, pool, karaoke, strippers, poles, dance floors, bands, boxing, mechanical bulls, etc)? How long does your night out normally last? How often do you go out? Is there often any trouble on the night out? Do you party after or get food and go home?

I only ask because a guy just pointed out to me that people in the US, don't go out in groups, which I was quite surprised about. Oh and what country/region are you from?