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Consider this edition of Kotaku Off Topic a two-for-Tuesday, a chance to comment not once, but twice on the topic of your choosing at no additional cost. (Yes, I cleared this with my manager.)


Say, anyone have a version of this NASA photograph of Neil Armstrong from the Gemini VIII launch that's at, say, wicked high resolution? The Kotaku West Coast Tower is in need of some photography, so a little help would be appreciated. Also, your photographic highlights beyond astronaut shots is not only welcome, it's encouraged!

Read these internet highlights and bring your own topics of conversation to the comments below. Do it now!!


Tonight. I'm gonna talk about sports. Also in the topic: Sports, video games, and the negative attention they get. Needless to say I'm gonna do my best to do this professionally without ranting or rambling.

Probably about fifty-nine percent of you stopped reading after I wrote that. The common response to posts containing sports would be "lulz sports."

As I look at many articles having to do with sports, I notice how low the comment count is as compared to other articles that came out. That's at least when it is an informative article.


When it is an article informing people of negative information, it is a lightning rod for people. I'll take the most recent article with negative information.


Yesterday, Totilo wrote about how 350,000 people played Madden '10 once online and quit after that. While some people offered logical reasons as to why this happened, it also spawned the internet old comment:

If, heaven forbid, I wanted to play football, I'd go outside.

Yes. Heaven forbid you have the desire to play sports. May I ask why people think this way?


Before I get trolled and asked "Why do YOU think this way," I'll write why.

I love sports, and I always tried to play them when I was younger. Though my jump shot sucked, nose tackle hurt, and I never could hit the baseball correctly. Goaltending was also bad for me. So I take my solace in golf. Anyway...I watch sports, and respect the people who play it because they have the physical ability to play them. If I had incredible hand-eye coordination and strength I'd love to be a First-Baseman. Or if I knew how to command the way a baseball is thrown, I'd love to be a pitcher.

I play sports games because it gives me that "This is what I would do" feeling while playing them. Aside from playing the actual sport, it's the closest you come to actually having your mind in the game. If you're playing a correct game (For lists of what is not correct, read here) of Madden with someone, you're going to have to actually call the correct plays in order to win. You have to know what formation is better for his three wide, one tight end, one running back play (or at least what balances both sides of the ball best). Contrary to what most people believe, you can't just run forward and hit someone all the time. This also means that just because people enjoy/play sports (video games as well) does not mean you are more educated or intelligent than them.


Same with baseball. I can't just throw a fastball the entire time on the corner of the box, or use power swings each time. You have to know when to tell your runners to go, you have to know when to use defensive batting, you have to know when, and where to bunt to have it be effective.

I know it isn't real, but it's just about the closest I'm gonna get to actually pitching against Jason Bay (and striking his ass out), or reading a run play against the Vikings and destroying Adrian Peterson (because he sucks). It's the closest I'm gonna get to doing something I know cannot realistically do.

That's why I play sports games and watch sports. Why do (or in the case of most of you, don't) you?

EDIT: Another problem:

Win Laik Pya: the problem is most people- i included- see sports games as "same shit, different year"

Win Laik Pya: and i don't think it's unreasonable to believe that Madden is the same game every year.

I do understand everyone's belief as to why this would be true. However it is quite inaccurate. Yes, it "looks" the same as far as basic gameplay goes, but to the people who actually play this games quite a bit, they are incredible changes.

Running the ball was too "smooth" in Madden '08. In Madden '09, you retained the speed, though acceleration became a vital stat. In Madden '10, everything from the hand-off to changing direction was different.

It may be the "same game" to those who don't play it every year, but for those of us who do play it every year, the changes are significant and noticeable, which goes to show that you really can't say anything if you haven't played it.

Included are video clips from some of the plays of our generation that I feel are incredible. I think the Saints onside kick at halftime is the best Super Bowl play in history.