Kotaku Off Topic: Amazing Spider-Man #239

Attention, fellow Kotaku Off Topic readers. This particular post is about to get nerdy. So let's get off-topic and let's dork out for a while.

I was just reflecting on portions of my comic book past, one that involved a whole hell of a lot of Amazing Spider-Man comic books, starting with that particular issue to the left. It was acquired, if I remember this correctly, from a grocery store for well below cover price, alongside The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Deluxe Edition) issue 10. It was in a bin overflowing with overstocked comics priced to move at 25 cents. And I got hooked.


I went back a few hundred issues and forward a few hundred more, amassing maybe 300 issues of the series, maintaining some sort of snobbery that prevented me from reading Web Of and Spectacular Spider-Man, adhering only to Amazing. Eventually, I gave up. But I still read the occasional book and am always looking for suggestions. So let's hear 'em.

Otherwise, the discussion is all yours. Nerd out. Be cool. Whatever.

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