Now is when being a part of the Game Club gets tough. We've had the exciting first meeting. We've had the second one that covered the most hotly-disputed level in the game. But what can we say about middle levels?

Today we're talking about Modern Warfare 2's middle levels:

-The Hornet's Next
-The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday.

We're going from Brazil to the U.S. to the frigid Pacific ocean. A friend of my wife's watched me play part of Exodus and wanted to know why I couldn't go inside every house if I wanted to.

So... two discussion questions to kick things off:

1) Were there things you wanted to be able to do in Exodus and the other two levels we're discussing that the game wouldn't allow you to?

2) We see in both Hornet's Next's free-running section and Easy Day's opening underwater section little twists on standard first-person shooter gameplay. What do you think of experiments like that?


NOTE - The next Game Club meeting will be on Wednesday, same time as this one, 2pm Kotaku Time, 4pm ET. We'll be covering levels 10-12.