Kotaku Census 2010: The Games You Love

The machines you play on are one thing, but what really captures a gamer's heart is the games they play. So let's see which are your favourites.

Now, unlike our previous polls, this one has the potential to be a little more wide-ranging. A little more open. There are only a handful of gaming machines out there, for example, but there are thousands of games. So we can't simply ask you what your favourite game, or game series is. Sorry. These polls don't work that way, and we're not going to sit here and publish the thousands of different answers we'd receive.


So instead, we're going to focus on gaming's most treasured franchises, the ones that have spanned consoles, redesigns and in some cases decades, then gone on to sell millions of copies around the world. You know, the ones that transcend the idea of being single games, and become properties, things you love. And we're going to pit them against each other, put you on the spot, see which ones you love more.

Don't see your favourite? Let me know (contact details to the left). Maybe I overlooked it, or maybe, it just didn't deserve to be on there.


What's Your Favourite Nintendo Franchise?

You can only choose one. Doesn't matter what criteria you use, whether it be core console titles, spin-offs, compilations or handheld games, just pick the Nintendo series/franchise/characters you love the most.


What's Your Favorite PlayStation Series?

There have been three PlayStation consoles (four if you count the PSP), and all three have been home to a fantastic range of games. Which have been your favourites?


NOTE: Yes, there have been isolated examples of Metal Gear and (especially) Final Fantasy games appearing on other platforms, but since most core titles from both have remained synonymous with the PlayStation name, especially in the last decade, we've included them here.

What's Your Favorite Xbox Series?

It lacks the history of some of the other platforms, but the two Xbox consoles have seen their fair share of quality franchises. Like the PlayStation, some have appeared another platform (ie the PC), but again, since they're synonymous with the Xbox, we're including them here. What's your favourite?


What's Your Favourite PC Franchise?

There are many long-running, successful franchises on the PC, but you can only choose one. So which will it be? And yes, World of Warcraft is a Warcraft game, so it's included in that. Again, yes, some of these have appeared on the odd console or three, but since they're synonymous with the PC, either for beginning there or being most popular, they go here.


What's Your Favourite Grand Theft Auto Game?

Being multiplatform games at heart (remember, even earlier versions were also available on PC!), it seemed unfair to include GTA under the umbrella of one of the platform holders. Besides, it's big enough of a cultural force to get its own poll.


What's Your Favourite Call Of Duty Game?

If GTA gets its own poll, then so too does Call of Duty, Activision's wartime sales sledgehammer.


What's Your Favourite Resident Evil Game?

Lots of Resident Evil games, lots of Resident Evil fans. So, fans, take your pick!


What's Your Favourite Fighting Series?

OK knuckle-heads, here's your chance. What's your favourite fighting franchise?


And, we're done here. Thanks for helping us settle which of the big dogs is biggest (at least in your eyes). We're coming to the end of our census polls, but there should be one or two more popping up between now and next week to keep you busy. Oh, and to help contribute to SCIENCE.

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