Kotaku Asks: SpyParty Designer Chris Hecker [Q&A Over]

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Game designer Chris Hecker, best known for his long-in-development game SpyParty and for his consistently insightful comments on the video game industry, is here to answer your questions.

Hecker has worked for various game companies over the years, including Maxis, where he developed a great deal of the animation tech for the simulation game Spore. In 2009, Hecker started developing SpyParty, a two-player game in which one person plays as a spy doing covert work at a party while the other player, a sniper, tries to identify and assassinate them. The game isn’t officially out yet, but you can buy and play the beta now.

Hecker will be here for a couple of hours starting at 2pm ET. Ask whatever you’d like.


UPDATE: Q&A’s over. Thanks to Chris for taking the time to chat with us today.

You can watch the trailer for SpyParty here:

This is Kotaku Asks, a weekly feature where we invite guests from the world of gaming to come answer burning questions from Kotaku readers. (If you think you’d be a good guest or have any requests for future guests, let us know.)

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Stephen Totilo

How has designing the game or even simply playing as the sniper changed how you observe and notice people’s behaviors in real life?