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Korea's Most Talented Female StarCraft Player Is Retiring

Illustration for article titled Koreas Most Talented Female emStarCraft/em Player Is Retiring
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Being a female pro gamer is not easy in South Korea. In that male dominated world, Seo Ji-Soo (aka ToSsGirl) was a pioneer. She was also the country's last active female pro-gamer. "Was", because as of this month, ToSsGirL will retire.


Known as "The Female Lim Yo-Hwan", Seo decided to become a pro-gamer after seeing Lim play on TV. By the time she was 17, she qualified for the female StarCraft league—a league that she would later rule. Once the female league was disbanded, Seo switched to the male league, where she played well, but did not dominate like she had previously.

"I'm sorry I couldn't meet expectations with stellar play," Seo said late last month (via Naver). "I'll never forget the love I got because I was a pro-gamer."


Seo played Terran for the STX SouL team and she is determined to move on to the next chapter in her life.

There will be a retirement ceremony for Seo during a league game on July 17. We wish her luck with whatever her strategy is next—whether she rushes in or takes it easy.

'스타크 얼짱녀' 서지수, 결국 못버티고… [Naver]

(Top photo: STX)

Jongsu Chang contributed to this report.

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"She was also the country's last active female progamer."

Wait, what do you mean? MisS is still a pro Korean player with StarTale, and Eve on SlayerS is still around. Sure they aren't out winning tournaments, but they are still active Korean progamers on two big Korean SCII teams.