Korean Pop Is Better with Chun-Li Cosplay

Chun-Li makes everything better—whether that be Jackie Chan movies or South Korean pop.


The latest single from South Korean pop outfit Orange Caramel, no strangers to dressing up, is "Shanghai Romance". Previously, the group cosplayed as Bruce Lee while singing "Shanghai Romance".


While dressed as Chun-Li, the girls didn't pull off any Spinning Bird kicks, but did unleash "kikouken".

Debuting in 2010, Orange Caramel is a spin-off group of Korean pop powerhouse After School.

Orange Caramel cosplays as ‘Chun Li' [AllKpop Thanks, Si!]

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I watch TV here in Korea all the time and I have never heard of Orange Caramel.

The way these producers churn out pop idols is ridiculous.