As far as South Korean boy bands go, Super Junior is about as big as they come. And if their music wasn't enough to win you over, have you seen their cosplay? Their airport cosplay, that is.

To celebrate Super Junior's 8th anniversary, the group's members decided to cosplay. Several of the members dressed up as other Korean celebs, but as tipster Sang points out, two members—Shindong and Heechul—dressed up as League of Legends characters. Shindong was Ahri, while Heechul was Lee Sin.

Getting ready to leave for a concert in Mexico, the group even went to the airport in costume. And yes, that is Leon cosplay you see.

The group has done this before—for the fans, really. Below, you can see them in Avengers and Dragonball cosplay from when they were arriving back in South Korea. Photos are vis, Sports Seoul and Naver.

[스타캐스트] 슈주, 역대급 출국일기.."어떻게 준비했냐고요? [Naver Thanks, Sang!]

Photos: NewsEn, SuperJunior, NewsEn, Naver, NewsEn, Sports Seoul, NewsEn

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