Ask those who work or who have worked in fast food, and many will tell you that, yes, spit burgers sadly exist. But rarely have they existed in such a bizarre way.

Earlier this month, (via Hachima) recounted the story of a McDonald's customer who ordered home delivery. The customer, a graduate student surnamed "Kim", ordered two meal deals.


However, the delivery person had difficulty finding Kim's home. During that time, the customer had to give the delivery person directions four times over the phone. Forty minutes later, his food arrived.

Around forty minutes after he polished off his food, Kim's mobile phone got a text message. It read: "Was the saliva spit good?^^"


Surprised, Kim phoned the McDonald's call center and let them know what happened. However, the shop's manager seemed to have a hard time believing that the delivery person would send a spit burger text message!

But something like that is fairly easy to confirm, and yes, it was later proven that the text message came from the delivery staffer's phone.

In an interview, Kim said he "couldn't grasp" what would prompt the delivery person to send such a message and said he was angry with the store manager for not believing him.


While McDonald's apologized for the incident, the spitter, though, had already quit.

손님에게 햄버거 배달한 뒤 문자 "침 뱉은 거 잘먹었어?^^" [Naver via はちま起稿]

Photo: McDonald's Korea, EZDay

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