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Korean eSports Player Passes Away at 25 Years-Old

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Professional Warcraft III player Seung Hyun Park (aka "Go)Space") passed away this Monday. He was 25 years old.

As MyDaily previously reported (via tipster Sang), Park suffered from muscular dystrophy, but still went on to become a top ranked pro Warcraft III player. Park was diagnosed when he was 11, and doctors didn't think he would live over the age of 20.


"There is nothing I can do," Park said in a 2008 interview (via TeamLiquid). "I cannot read alone and I cannot go out. At least I can move my fingers, so I can play games. But my health is getting worse as time passes, so I am uncertain until when I can do so..."

In that same interview, Park's mother said that while other parents worry about their children becoming addicted to games, she was worried about her son's fingers becoming paralyzed and him being unable to play.


During the past few months, English language threads have been popping up (here and here), expressing concern over Park's heath.

"My dream is neither to become a pro-player nor be healthy," Park said in 2008, adding that he did not believe in miracles. "But I hope to be the best player in Warcraft III, which is the only thing I can do now to make my family proud."

Park didn't just make his family proud. He made all gamers everywhere proud. Rest in peace, Go)Space. Rest in peace.

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