Konami, This Is Sad DLC

PES 2016, last year’s best football game, is getting an update to help tie in with this Summer’s big international tournament, Euro 2016. It is one of the saddest pieces of sports DLC I have ever seen.


Before we get into the details, you should know the Euro 2016 update is free. So there’s really nothing to get upset about here. Just enough to make you shake your head and wonder what the point of the whole thing is.

The actual Euro 2016 will feature 24 of Europe’s best national sides competing across France’s best stadiums. Normally, when a game (or update) like this comes along, it’s a fairly comprehensive affair! Every team is in there, every team’s kit is authentic, every player’s face is there and there’s a decent attempt at recreating the main stadiums that will play host to the tournament.

At least, that’s how EA have done things previously. Now that Konami has the rights to the Euros, things are...less comprehensive.

As we’ve seen, Konami have long struggled to match EA’s FIFA series when it comes to things like team and image rights, and their Euro 2016 content is no different.


Only 15 of the 24 teams are going to be properly represented in the update, with stuff like authentic shirts and logos. The other nine will, in time-honoured PES style, have generic placeholder branding. Those missing the full effect include decent sides like Russia, Switzerland and Sweden, and even one of the absolute favourites—and current top-ranked team in the world—Belgium.


Oh, and there’ll only be one stadium (the Stade de France). One.

Things get sadder when you skim the press release and see (emphasis added):

“All eyes will be on France as Europe’s most prestigious international competition gets underway in June, and we are delighted to present the official game of the UEFA EURO 2016 tournament,” stated Erik Bladinieres, European Brand Director of Football for Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. “With such a high standard of football on show, only the PES series could truly recreate it in all its glory.


Yes, again, it’s free, but..eh, it’s just so bleak, isn’t it? This is the official tie-in of the year’s biggest football tournament, and instead of being able to recreate the whole thing in full we’re getting an update with nine phoney teams and one stadium. Blergh.

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