Konami Staffer Sues For "Discrimination"

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Konami Digital Entertainment employee Yoko Sekiguchi is suing the company for what she calls "discrimination".

The 36-year-old Sekiguchi negotiated soccer team and foreign player licensing for Konami's Pro Evolution franchise. Last October, she took the company's maternity leave, returning to work this past April.

When she returned to work, she was demoted due to a "burden" caused by child rearing and work. Her monthly pay was also docked ¥200,000 (US$2,000). According to Sekiguchi, "This is discrimination aimed at female employees who chose to take maternity leave."


Sekiguchi has filed suit, seeking ¥33,000,000 (US$344,000) in damages. "I decided to take legal action," she says, "because fellow female employees are experiencing the same type of treatment."

育休からの復帰時に降格と減俸 女性社員がコナミを提訴 [Sankei via 未定なブログ]

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Okay, your a crucial employee of my business, you get pregnant.. (Your choice) you go and have your baby and your off work for 7 months.

RIGHT... and you come back thinking everything is going to be the same, unless you got that in writing from the boss..?

I mean seriously.. who in there right mind would think that things would be the same?..

NO I am not being sarcastic. I am just saying this is not "Discrimination".. its just business. Period.

/sarcasm start

Good thing pilots don't pull this crap mid way through a flight.. "Oh! gots to go have me some babies.. I am just gonna leave now" *Pilot leaps out of the plane with parachute*(The second pilot did as well, because you see they were having an affair) *People die in a fiery crash*