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Konami has denied rumors that Metal Gear Solid 5 was revealed at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, calling them fake on its UK Twitter account today.


Earlier this morning, some Redditors claimed that Konami had announced the fifth installment in its popular stealth-action series during Comic Con, posting the above image as proof.

"Fake or real, we love a bit of speculation!" Konami said on its UK Twitter account later this morning, posting a link to the Reddit thread.


The company then followed up: "Seriously, just in case the ‪#pinch‬ ‪#salt‬ hashtags weren't enough - the chap who claims to have set up the fake rumours has been in touch."

I've reached out to Konami US for further comment and will update should they respond.

KonamiUK [Twitter via NeoGAF]

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