Konami Has An Esports School In Tokyo

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Would you like to learn how to be an esports pro? Well, if you live in Japan, you can now pay Konami to teach you how!

The school offers lectures and hands-on learning with Pro Evo, eBaseball Powerful Pro Baseball (Konami’s big-headed baseball game), Dota, and Fortnite. Students not only practice playing, but they also learn how to create their own content, learn about the business angles as well as how to plan their own gaming events, and even study English. The teachers are actual esports pros, so they should have helpful advice to pass on.

While there are part-time classes, students can also enroll for a year, five days a week.


This does not seem cheap. To give you an idea on pricing, for example, twice a week for coaching alone is 41,800 yen ($396), while a four-times-a-week business seminar is 79,200 yen ($750). Full-time students have morning sessions and afternoon ones, with class starting at 9:40 am and ending at 3:10 pm with an hour-plus break for lunch.

The first school year began this month at Konami’s Esports Ginza school in, wait for it, Ginza. The school’s students have already started class this September.

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Delete this account! Delete it!

All my dreams of ever being a pro PC gamer were dashed when I saw the keyboard cam of the people playing Starcraft a decade or more back and I was just like, “nope, can’t do that.

It wasn’t this video specifically, but you get the picture. Dude hits more keys in 10 seconds than I could in 30 minutes.