Konami Gamers Night Round-Up

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Konami's annual "Gamers Night" press event is known among video game journalists as being one of the longest nights of the year.


Between scads of game demos to play, a mandatory social hour and the opening speeches, it almost feels like a mini Game Developers Conference. Only, it's all Konami all the time.

This year's offerings included a lot of lesser-known and possibly mundane DS games, a few Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network titles that might be worth attention, and tantalizing glimpses of games yet to come.


Here's what we came away with:
Insurgents Contributed To Development Of Six Days In Fallujah
Saw Preview: Condemned or Dragon's Lair?
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – A Makeover Not A Remake
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment Preview: Fails To Spark Interest
Ant Nation DS Preview: Baby's First Strategy Game
Konami Warns Of Zombie Apocalypse On XBLA, PSN

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This whole event fails because it focused far too much on Konami's western studios. Where the fuck is my Castlevania PS360!?

IGA, why have you forsaken us?