Konami Gamer's Night '08

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Konami hosted their Gamer's Night last evening in San Francisco, hot on the heels of Sega's Gamer's Morning and Ubisoft's Gamer's Afternoon. It had already been a long day by the time I arrived and my brain was already ful of tons of other games. This didn't stop Konami from making quite an impression with a few key announcements. Be sure to check back shortly for all the news including an MGS 4 secret weapon, a new Castlevania game for the DS, my Silent Hill V hands on, the Rock Revolution announcement and more!


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Is it that time of the year again when E3 is creeping up and all the devs and publishers are doing their own "Gamers Day" thing. What will they have to show for E3 then?

Seems like we're in for the usual deluge of News,hands-on and other media bombardment. Not that I'm complaining mind you.


Hey is E3 this year going to be the same as last year's? Where they have 10 minute gaps from each other's meetings but they're blocks apart? That would suck big time! Unless of course you brought a Coors pack with you. Then it's just a refreshment away...(yeah I had to put that in there). =)