Konami Brings Silent Scope To iPhone

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Konami continues to relentlessly march its franchise through the iTunes App store, announcing the classic arcade sniping game Silent Scope, coming soon for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Silent Scope was originally released in 1999 in the arcades, featuring an oversized joystick shaped like a sniper rifle, complete with an LCD screen in the viewfinder to show zoomed-in areas. Versions of the game have shown up on the PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, Xbox, and Gameboy Advance, and now it's the iPhone's turn. The iPhone version will follow the story of the original game, with players tapping the screen to shoot at the terrorists who have kidnapped the President and his family.

"With the release of Silent Scope on the iPhone and iPod touch, we're substantiating our commitment to developing quality content that takes our top franchise titles and turns them into an on-the-go gaming experience," said Anthony Borquez, Vice President of Konami Mobile and Online. "Silent Scope allows players to conceal their firearms and perfect their sharpshooting skills wherever they go."


I suppose that's much better than not using the iPhone and doing the same thing.

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I had an idea for Silent Scope DS where the bottom screen would be full view, and you'd touch a point on it to show it zoomed in on the top screen. Then you'd use R Trigger to fire. Simple and easy.