Konami says it is still investigating why some Xbox 360 players of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 are unable to connect to its online multiplayer services, but the problem is large enough that the company has apologized to users.

The publisher still doesn't know exactly why the problem is happening. Those affected are finding that they cannot download a file required to activate online multiplayer, and get a message saying that the file is "broken."

Konami said it is "still in discussions with Microsoft trying to understand what might be causing this." Those who are having problems are advised to try to download and install the game's data pack 1.00, but Konami says that still may only result in "intermittent success for some users." They're hoping to have an update on the matter by Monday.

"We would like to apologize to any users who have been unable to enjoy PES 2014 online and would like to reassure fans we'll be fixing the issue as quickly as possible," Shinji Hirano, president of Konami Digital Entertainment (the company's development and publishing division) said in a statement.

The statement pointed users to a special page on Konami's support forums providing this information and more as it is updated.


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