In the wake of that Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII announcement, that old chestnut rumor resurfaced that Metal Gear Solid 4 was coming to the Xbox 360. Maybe it will one day, who knows. No idea what kinda deal Sony and Konami have worked out. Other Metal Gear Solid have certainly appeared on other platforms — Microsoft platforms, even. But Hideo Kojima does a good job of explaining how MGS4 was developed especially for the PS3:

We had started to work on Metal Gear Solid 4 four years ago after finishing Metal Gear Solid 3. At that time, we really didn't know what the PS3 was going to be like. So the first two years was all about experimenting, developing and trail and error. In the last two years, we've known what the PS3 is capable of, the specifications of it and how we can use utlitilize it. We finished the plot and built the game. The PS3 is a monster machine. That is why it's taken so much time to create MGS4... Since we were developing only for the Sony format, of course Sony has given up lots of advantages before the official release of the hardware. So we had many meetings with them to discuss the specifications, and we analyzed this black box quite a lot before it was released, and we experimented with it. And we gave Sony a lot of feedback, like "Can we do this?" or "Can we do that?"

See? The two are totally linked. Hit the link below for the full interview clip, where Kojima says how he thinks the game controller, keyboard and mouse and the Wii-mote-type controller will all be around for a long time. And what does the future hold? Better backgrounds, says Kojima.

Hideo Kojima's future of gaming [BBC Thanks, Mel!]