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The father of Metal Gear told Kotaku that he'd like to make games for Natal that appeal to people who like his own work and Halo.


Hideo Kojima elaborated on his interest in Microsoft's hands-free Xbox controller system, Project Natal, during his interview with Kotaku at the Tokyo Game Show on Friday. He was following up on comments he made during an all-star Natal panel of Japanese developers.


"I am very interested in Natal," he said through a translator. "It seems like magic." Some of the excitment around Project Natal has been from those who see it broadening the access of gaming systems to non-gamers, of making the Xbox 360, like the Wii before it, a better generator of casual experiences.

That's not where Kojima's interest lies.

"I'm not interested in making Natal games for casual users, but I'm interested in making games that hardcore users always wanted to play," he said. "I want to make to a core game experience on Natal — something that , like a Halo or Gears of War or, of course, like Metal Gear Solid, is a core experience. It's not like I just want to make an FPS. And I don't want to make something that's very simple. I want to make something that is deep for players. I want to give them something that is a deeper experience with Natal."

Kojima said he was also interested in the potential of the Natal's voice-recognition and motion-sensing systems to empower a machine to recognize and maybe even "understand" a person. But while he's interested in that, he thinks creators other than him will be the ones to focus on that aspect.

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