Kojima Might Announce New Game At Next Year's TGS

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Yet another Japanese game developer getting all down on the Japanese game industry. This time it's Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima bringing the negativity. In a talk at this year's Tokyo Game Show, Kojima said: "If you honestly compare Japanese games with Western ones, Japan has lost." Continuing, Kojima stated that the Western game industry system is closer to Hollywood in that the best creators from all over the world are brought together and given large budgets for the projects. Kojima also called this current situation "dangerous" with discussing how far the West has come — especially with how far Western development tech has come in the last few years. Not one to sit out and let the game industry pass him by, Kojima added: "Until the end of this year, I have my hands full with Metal Gear Online, but at next year's show, I think it's okay that I should be able to announce something." 小島監督のトークイベントにて [Famitsu]



Technically, west may have the edge. BUT.

Every market launches away a ton of crap. USA launches dull shooters, fishing games, sport game sequels and Japan launches a ton of dating sims, odd fighters and the like.

Both sides got their gems, and Kojima, Japan is not behind in that sense. If anything, the current market is that we will see a major expansion from countries previously unknown.

Korea has begun to forge out with Magna carta and Ragnarok online, China is expanding. And really, who would have thought that Sweden would expand in this current way?

Trust me when I say that both USA, France, Britain (those old western developer strongholds) and Japan need to adapt to the fact that there are more players on a rapidly growing market. I honestly don't see why the man is worried though. Recession much?