Don't sound the alarm bells just yet. Hideo Kojima talks with Japanese magazine Famitsu about what it was like working on adventure game Snatcher during the late 1980s. Times were different then, Kojima says.

"Games development these days is completely compartmentalized; you have people who do nothing but make the logo for a game," he tells Famitsu (translated by 1Up). "I think that's kind of a shame."


Kojima has been in the industry a good while now, and he offers this about where he sees it possibly going: "This point isn't limited to the game business, but if we don't have an environment where developers can make what they want and find an audience for it, then I think it's all going to come crashing down. I think we'll see fewer people wanting to get into games, and that's dangerous."

Maybe not fewer people wanting to go into games, but fewer creative people — and that is dangerous, indeed.

Kojima Reflects on Snatcher, Adventure Games [1Up]

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