Kojima Calls Guerrilla's Decima Engine A 'Rocket' That Can Take Death Stranding To Jupiter

Image for article titled Kojima Calls Guerrilla's Decima Engine A 'Rocket' That Can Take Death Stranding To Jupiter

Hideo Kojima likened the development of Death Stranding using Guerrilla’s Decima Engine to the Space Race during the Cold War in a series of recent tweets. The collaboration with the creators of Horizon Zero Dawn, in Kojima’s words, “enables us to go to the mars but even to the Jupiter.”


Metaphorically speaking, at least.

While the logic behind game designer’s comments is somewhat abstract, what the creator of Metal Gear seems to be saying is that Kojima Productions’ new relationship with Guerrilla Games is allowing both studio to accomplish exponentially more than either would have been able to alone.


The comments come after an interview between IGN and Kojima, Guerrilla’s Hermen Hulst, and PS4 tech lead Mark Cerny, in which the three men tried to explain in more detail the nature of the collaboration that was revealed at last weekend’s PSX, and how it came to be.

“We believe their engine will help make a better game, and a better future for our industry,” said Kojima. “Their engine is well suited to the tools and systems of an open-world game. This was a very important aspect for us.”


He continued, “From there, we could choose our own direction for the game,” adding that the new trailer was the result of trying to see if the new engine could be adapted to the goals of Death Stranding.

For his part, Cerny explained that the relationship goes beyond simply sharing Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine. “It’s a full blown collaboration,” said Cerny. “They are using a merged code base, it’s the same code.”


But while Kojima might have been surprised by the number of polygons in Aloy’s hair, he also had one major fear about working with the tools that had given life Guerrilla’s game.


“Although I really liked their engine and their devotion toward their games, there was one thing i was worried about,” he said. “What if we ended up making a game that looks to similar to Horizon?”

However, the game’s most recent trailer, which runs in real-time on the PS4 Pro, helped convince Kojima that Death Stranding and Horizon could both remain unique despite their shared origins. Instead, Kojima and Hulst believe both games will be better as a result, and that there will be a longer term payoff to the collaboration.


In effect, if Death Stranding is ever able to get to Jupiter as Kojima hopes, it may well help Guerrilla’s next game get out of the solar system entirely, whatever that means in actual game development terms.



Guerrilla has always had really nice tech and graphical expertese. But yet their games have always left me cold. There is just something off about them and the gameplay. And not to mention, I just can’t get into their world or stories so easily.

I was actually just playing Killzone Shadow Fall. Looks really good, but something about it just doesn’t gel with me well. I can’t put my finger on it.

At any rate, Kojima could have chosen more... poorly, for the cup where he will hold his ideas in.