Konami's Koji Igarashi is the Castlevania guy. And when fans play a Castlevania game, they know, more or less, what they are getting themselves into. But Castlevania Judgement is different! It's a fighter, but now. And the early buzz around the game hasn't been so hot. Why does Igarashi think that is?

When you have a franchise like this, that's become popular in a certain type of game style and you change that so drastically, I understand the responses is going to be negative... I also felt a lot of the response was, I guess, unjustified in the sense that they based their [response] on just hearing about it or maybe seeing a couple of screen shots and making a whole assumption.

Insert Igarashi sad face.

Koji Igarashi Calls ‘Castlevania Judgment' Fan Criticism ‘Unjustified' [Multiplayer] [Pic]