Meet “VR Sense.” This is a Koei Tecmo’s dedicated VR arcade cabinet. It won’t only have VR headsets, but is equipped to respond to all five senses, including smell and touch.

According to Game Watch Impress and Famitsu, three games were announced for the cabinet at its debut earlier today. There is Dynasty Warriors, GI Jockey Sense, and Horror Sense.

[Image: Famitsu]

VR Sense’s base hardware is the PlayStation 4, and it also uses both the PlayStation Move and PlayStation VR.

So, can’t you just experience this at home? From the sound of it, no.

[Image: Famitsu]

The cabinet’s chair, for example, can rotate right and left as well as up and down. What else? There’s a “wind function,” that gives the sensation of running through a field or racing a horse, a “hot and cold function” that can change the temperature in the cabinet, and a “mist function” to simulate rain.

To appeal to the sense of smell, the cabinet has a varied “scent function” able to replicate everything from a fresh forest to a smoky battlefield. As currently described, the “touch function” isn’t what you’d think, considering these are the folks behind Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. Rather, it will reproduce the sensation of insects and rats clawing over your body, which sounds terrifying.

If Dead or Alive does appear on this cabinet, good thing it has a seatbelt!

Check out more photos over on Game Watch Impress and Famitsu.

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