Illustration for article titled Koei Tecmo Encourages Employees To Have Babies (With Money!)

The Japanese population is shrinking. People are not having babies like they used to. Koei Tecmo, the folks behind hack-and-slash Dynasty Warriors and boobs-and-high-kicks Dead or Alive, to the rescue!

Starting this month, the company is offering the a gift payment that's the equivalent of US$20,300 to employees who have their third child. Those having their first child get roughly $1,000, and those having their second child get approximately $2,000.


Before the two companies merged, each provided child birth payments of $1,000 for each child. No word if those having their fourth, fifth or sixth child will also get that 20 grand payment — or merely sympathy. Kidding.

Know what else Koei Tecmo is also planning on doing? Docking pay each time an employee masturbates. Likewise, kidding!

コーエーテクモ:3人目以降の子供に200万円支給 少子化対策で [Mainichi]

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