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Koei Tecmo Donates To Italian Earthquake Relief Effort

Illustration for article titled Koei Tecmo Donates To Italian Earthquake Relief Effort

Earlier last month, a deadly earthquake rocked Italy's mountainous Abruzzo region, killing hundreds and leaving tens of thousands homeless.


Koei Tecmo Holdings, makers of Dynasty Warriors and Dead or Alive, and connected company staffers have pitched in and donated ¥3,470,000 (US$35,205) to the earthquake's relief effort. Every bit helps.

コーエーテクモ、イタリア大地震に約300万円を寄付 [Yahoo! Japan]

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Thats awfully kind of them. Its not every day you hear about a japanese game company donating money to an Italian earthquake relief effort.

They should also send some figurines with large breasts to take everyones minds off the disaster for a while too.

What relief worker couldn't do without a figurine of Ayane in a schoolgirl outfit?