Koei Sending "Limited Number" Of Japanese Developers

Capcom isn't the only Japanese developer to be gun-shy about this year. Yokohama-based company Koei is also preventing staffers from attending the Los Angeles gaming convention.

Unlike Capcom's decision to restrict travel of all Japan-based employees, Koei is sending a limited number of its Japanese developers to this year's E3. "With regards to E3, due to the current nature of and concern over the Influenza A (H1N1), KOEI has reconsidered international travel," the company told Kotaku.


"As a result, there will be a limited number of staff from the company's Yokohama-based headquarters attending this year's show. However," the company added, "members from our Toronto studio, KOEI Canada, will be at E3 to speak about a new title that will be publicly unveiled at the show." Think of that new game as a consolation prize.

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