Knock Knock. Who's There? A Customizable Haunted House Defense Game

I have not played The Void, but it's on my list. And I've definitely heard enough about the game to make me think that the developer, Russian studio Ice Pick Lodge, has some interesting video game ideas.


Their latest idea, which they're funding via a fairly low-priced Kickstarter (at least by video game standards), is a puzzle horror game called Knock-Knock. Players will play as a grumpy insomniac in a cabin in the woods who is visited by a number of scary apparitions and beasties.

It's sort of tower-defense, sort of survival horror, and sounds like a nifty concept for a game. That's in part because the art, much of which looks mostly finished, looks fantastic. I mean, look at these suckers:

Illustration for article titled Knock Knock. Who's There? A Customizable Haunted House Defense Game

The game idea sounds fun as well, particularly this bit:

You could come across some useful loot which might contribute to your survival. The assortment and the stats of the items is always random, and the inventory is limited to 5 slots, so you would have to choose your gear preferences every single night.

I'm detecting a bit of roguelikeness here… cool by me.

The pitch video itself is also odd and funny, though not quite as great as Techno Kitten Adventure.


Knock-Knock [Kickstarter]



this is the problem with Kickstarter. People w0uld rather rely on crowdfunding rather than taking to a publisher or finding some sort of help. This game sounds brilliant, theres no way anyone would turn it down, yet they live it up to chance by doing a Kickstarter. I hope it reaches its goal. It would be a damn shame if it didn't.