This Kitten-Powered Kickstarter Might Fail, But the Video Has Already Won

21st Street Games wants to take it's Techno Kitten Adventure to the next level, so 20 days ago the Kickstarter page for Super Tecnho Kitten Adventure was launched. It's not going particularly well, but damn if the project video isn't amazingly bizarre.


I'm not endorsing Super Techno Kitten Adventure. I've played the iPhone version of the Facebook, mobile and Xbox Live Indie game, and while it does have a certain glittery charm, pressing the screen to move a jetpack-wearing cat up and down to dodge oncoming obstacles isn't exactly revolutionary entertainment. Certainly not enough to warrant $100,000 for a 3D sequel with new music and graphics, even if it does have a create-a-cat feature.

Right now Super Techno Kitten Adventure sits at $6,595 of its $100,000 goal, with only 11 days left to go, so it looks like I am not alone in my opinion.

What I am endorsing here is creative Kickstarter videos. This one is pretty keen, and while I couldn't see backing such a project with my hard-earned corn chips and lint, I can appreciate the passion and creativity that went into trying to convince me to do so.

Super Techno Kitten Adventure [Kickstarter - Thanks, Mo!]




wha ... what did i just watch ?

i think i will forever be haunted by that "thing" saying it wants to play with somebody .......