Knights Contract Tries To Outgore Splatterhouse

Illustration for article titled Knights Contract Tries To Outgore Splatterhouse

Namco Bandai's latest may look like a direct competitor to its own Splatterhouse, but the recently revealed Knights Contract only appears to overlap it in screen-covering gore. Its wholesome looking witches are nicely contrasted by its blood-spurting hideous freaks.


There's not much you need to know about the PS3 and Xbox 360 game that we haven't already told you about. Co-op action is the name of the game, with beast-slicing action and fancy witchcraft pairing up to stop a nasty this-or-that named Dr. Faust. I guess we didn't know it was going to be quite this gory, though.


You have plenty of time—Knights Contract is planned for a 2011 release in North America, something Namco Bandai made official today—to decide if these new screens look like something you want to play.

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Dear Namco Bandai, this is not how you market a game to the west. It's like me assuming everyone in Japan likes big googly eyed ugly anime girls.

Gore + Violence + Foul Language only is going to appeal to the actual immature gamers who claim to be mature, this is not selling me on this game at all, sorry.