Klei Entertainment, makers of recent gems Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja, have announced their new game. It's a procedurally generated, turn-based tactical espionage game called Incognita. What? Dude. Yes.

There are scant few details available on the game's site and only a single screenshot/bit of promo art:


Speaking with RPS, Klei's Jamie Cheng described the game as an evolving, procedurally generated tactical game that draws influence from both Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja, as well as Firaxis' XCOM.

Here's Cheng, talking to RPS:

Well, we’re still keeping a lot under wraps right now, but I can say a little. Here’s the idea: if you play the new XCOM – which is a fucking amazing game – it’s 90 percent positioning. Ten percent information gathering and 90 percent positioning. It’s kind of like, “I sort of wonder where the enemy is, but if I position myself well, march forward, and re-position myself well, then I’ll mostly be fine.”

The idea behind Incognita is, we want information to be power. We want information to be a very key part of your experience.

Well that sure is a tantalizing bit of info, isn't it?

Cheng says that like Don't Starve, some community members will be able to play Incognita early and give feedback, and that the primary platform is PC.


Hopefully there'll be a chance to get some more solid info on Incognita soon. Though honestly, they had me at "Espionage XCOM." Sign me up.

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