Kirby Mass Attack is Confusing and Adorable

We got to check out a snippet of the upcoming Kirby DS game, Kirby Mass Attack while walking the Nintendo booth today. As you'll see in the video, many of the game's mechanics eluded me. Basically, there are a whole multitude of little Kirbys grouped together, and you lead them around using the stylus. On occasion, you can use the Kirbys the knock down a tree or clobber somebody. Still the game's art style is very nice. Very "Kirby", if I do say so myself.

Maybe I'll be able to figure out to play the game by the time Kirby Massive Attack comes out on September 19th.

[Note from Stephen: Think Pikmin plus Kirby's Canvas Curse. What could be better than that?]

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Joel Rubin

So, basically, Radx's "Enough Plumbers" with a Kirby skin.

Glad to see Nintendo coming out with original ideas.