Kiosk Chain Offering $2 Game Rentals

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RedBox, the DVD rental kiosk company largely doing business in western U.S. supermarkets and McDonald's locations, has begun offering $2-a-night game rentals at its locations, with Reno, Nevada as a test market.


The kiosks will cover the major consoles (PS3, PS2, Wii and 360) and the $2 per night doesn't blow the doors off Blockbuster's $9 for 5. But it does offer a different sales pitch - mainly, an impulse grab while you're out doing something else.

Unfortunately, selection seems to be an issue with just 13 360 titles offered. There are also no online reservations (naturally) so this is truly a grab-and-go model. But for those in RedBox's range, who use rentals as part of their playing habits and buying strategy, this extra convenience could prove useful.

RedBox Launches $2 Video Game Rentals [Zatz Not Funny, via Gizmodo]



My local video store rents 6$ for 7 days. New releases too, always a week