Image: Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III will get a free update later today that includes “Critical Mode”, which is what the franchise calls its super-hard mode. Check out our Kingdom Hearts III tips post to be sure you’re up to the challenge.

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Folks, I finally beat it the other day and I am unimpressed. The structure of the plot is a god-awful mess: the Disney worlds seem to have relevance at first but then they don’t. And, despite how much I liked the Caribbean and San Fransokyo, they were filler. Filler for the plot dump of an endgame of which you watch 75% (drink for every scene of characters just sighing and gasping at each other!) and only play for 25% (including parts where you just walk down corridors. Or around pretty sky zones with crazy architecture). God dammit, Nomura.

Also, despite being someone who preached how no game in the series is a spinoff, I honestly didn’t think the mobile F2P game would have any major relevance. That’s a fair assumption, right? Uhh, how wrong I was. That was really annoying.

And the ending is...let’s just say I laughed at how the narrative expected me to feel remorse for certain characters.

All in all it was a giant mess. But alas, I’ll still go back and play the Battlezones. And will probably try Proud or Critical (skipping every cutscene, of course). Can a later update let us turn Attractions off?