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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Snoozes Its Way To America

Illustration for article titled Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Snoozes Its Way To America

Square Enix is bringing the PSP prequel to its incredibly popular Kingdom Hearts series to North American shores, unsurprisingly, applying a vague "summer" release date to Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.


The fifth entry in the Disney-Square Enix crossover series, Birth By Sleep will be armed with a few new additions in its North American form. The localized release will include a number of new features including "Crown Stickers," one extra boss and additional multiplayer options. Combine "Crown Stickers" with "Command Styles, Command Decks, Shotlocks and Dimension Links" and we have what Square Enix claims is "the most advanced Kingdom Hearts title to date."

Whether you know what a Shotlock is or not, combined with the June 8 release of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, PSP owners in North America are in for a blockbuster summer. Here are some impossibly great looking screens of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep to boost your enthusiasm.

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Squenix. Just give us KH3. Seriously, that's all we want. More KH goodness. More stuff that made the first game great. Stop adding useless characters or plot elements that only make things needlessly complex. I just want to bash some Disney villans and cave in heartless' skulls with my giant key.

Is that so hard?