Kingdom Hearts 3D Gets a Special Hardware. Release Date, Too.

Illustration for article titled emKingdom Hearts 3D/em Gets a Special Hardware. Release Date, Too.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will be out March 29 in Japan. There will be a special Kingdom Hearts 3DS handheld. While I like the monogram, I'm not a fan with the Kingdom Hearts text or the stupid Disney copyright.


The Dream Drop Distance 3DS comes bundled with a copy of the game. Pricing is currently TBA.

ゲームソフトと3DS本体のセット [4Gamer]

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Crazy Uncle Nikola

That looks cool but I'm happy with my Legend of Zelda 3DS Still want to get kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance though. It looks like it might be more Birth by Sleep than 358/2 days which was still a decent game but felt like a spin off unlike the former.