King Of Games Go Spelunking

Japan's King of Games - our second favourite outfitter of gaming shirts - will this week be adding some more good stuff to their line of Irem clothing. And where there's Irem, there's R-Type, and there's Spelunker.


The single R-Type shirt has actually been available for a while, but we're showing it anyway. Not because you can't buy it outside of Japan (none of it is on the English site) and that it's sold out, but because it's so great.

The new stuff, however, is part of KoG's Spelunker line, and adds to the existing t-shirt by introducing a range of hoodies (top). And "Weakest Explorer" aside, they're as refined, subtle and tasteful as you'd expect from such a pricey outfit.

アイレムから発売された名作スペランカー、R-TYPE をフューチャー! [KoG]

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