King of Fighters Movie Promotional Images

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We've already met and pitied the cast and crew of The King of Fighters Movie. Now, let's look at and pity official promotional images.


Have faith! It is directed by Gordon Chan, who helmed the Jet Li martial arts classic Fist of Legend. This KOF movie doesn't have Jet Li, but it does have Sean Faris (Pearl Harbor) as Kyo Kusanagi, Wii Yun Lee (Witchblade) as Iori Yagami, Ray Park (Darth Maul) as boss Rugal, Maggie Q (Live Free or Die Hard) as Mai, Françoise Yip (Rumble in the Bronx) as Chizuru and some other people we haven't really heard of.

The movie version centers around "the pursuit of three artifacts that will grant their owner unlimited power over reality." More info about the plot reads as follows:

It also looks like the King of Fighters movie will introduce a new science fiction spin into the setting established in the games' universe by following the surviving members of three legendary fighting clans who are continually whisked away to other dimensions by an evil power. As the fighters enter each new world they battle that universe's native defenders, while the force that brought them seeks to find a way to invade and infect our world.

The movie will be out sometime next year. Yeah.

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Originally I was a bit peeved that they didn't get a Jpop/kpop singer or whatever as Kyo and instead gotten someone who isn't remotely asian to play him. I wouldn't mind if the actor playin Kyo is half asian, but seein how the main character's ethnicity is important in the storyline, I began to wonder how they are goin to rewrite his origin.

After seein pics of Mature, Vice, and Rugal, however, I no longer care since it is obvious that whoever is behind the film just went with random actors. Not to hate on Darth Maul, but havin Chuck Norris as Rugal would be a better choice.