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The subject of much gumflapping post E3, Kinect's ability to handle players who are sitting down has been more finely tuned, Eurogamer reports. It's now calibrated to focus on your neck-al area rather than your ass-al area.


The "base node" used to create the skeletal models that the controller recognizes has been switched from the bottom of the spine to the back of the neck, says Eurogamer, quoting a developer with experience working on the technology.

"It means that should the bottom of your torso get confused with the sofa, because your bum and your legs are enveloped inside the sofa, it doesn't matter because your hands and arms are still working," Andrew Oliver, of Blitz Games Studios, told Eurogamer.


The change occurred "a few months ago," Oliver said. "A lot of developers were like, 'Oh my God! Everything's broken,' because all the nodes were moved. But then it was like, 'Oh, actually, this is more logical.'"

Kinect's Sitting Down Woe Finally Over [Eurogamer via Destructoid]

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