Kinect's Missing Chip Was Never Needed, Says Microsoft

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Earlier this year, when the Xbox 360 add-on Kinect was still known as "Project Natal," reports surfaced that Microsoft was tearing one of the cameras processors out the hardware. Kinect general manager Kudo Tsunoda explains why.

Tsunoda explains to Xbox 360 World, via CVG, that the Kinect processor was originally in the camera because the Xbox 360 maker "didn't know how much processing Kinect was going to take at the start of development." Ultimately, he says "there's just no need to have that extra processor," saying that dropping it had no impact on Kinect's body-detecting performance or the console's graphical fidelity.


The man responsible for Kinect development says the change in scope was "just normal game development."

Why did MS dump Kinect processor? There was 'no need' for it [CVG]

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You removed the chip.

You cut the resolution of the depth cameras by half.

It can no longer read hand gestures from a comfortable distance. It can no longer do most of the stuff I was excited for. You went from being new and different to a watered down product that's simply trying to cash in on the casual market.

If the initial tech isn't anything to write home about anymore, the reasons for putting it out in the first place become more and more shallow.

Xbox, I am disappoint.