Kinect Makes Its Made-For-TV Movie Debut On Friday

While we won't be seeing Microsoft's Kinect until November, the family in science-fiction made-for-TV movie The Jensen Project already has it all set up, though they might want to do something about that errant Xbox 360 logo in the corner.

The Jensen Project, airing this Friday at 8PM Eastern on NBC, is a made-for-TV movie about a regular family that's drawn back into The Jensen Project, a think tank dedicated to solving the world's most pressing problems through science. The mother and father left the project sixteen years previous, and now they return with their tech-minded teenage son, intent on stopping a rogue faction from doing the sort of evil things rogue factions do.


What better way to indicate that a teenager is tech-minded than giving him an early copy of Microsoft's Kinect? Just make sure there's an Xbox 360 logo in the bottom left-hand corner of the television, so interested viewers can score one of their own.

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if the Mom is such a genius then why is she grabbing hot toast with her bare hands?

Levar Burton is in this too?