Kinect Integration for Skyrim Lets You Scream Dragon Shouts and More

The voice-command feature that had been joked about for Bethesda's hit RPG will actually be coming to the Xbox 360 as a free title update. You'll be able to execute more than 200 commands in Skyrim via Kinect voice recognition.


As seen in the video above, you'll be able to assign hotkeys, control AI partners, loot bodies and more. No date is given as to when Kinect functionality will be available but it's supposedly coming soon.

Bethesda also mentions that Kinect support leads the way for a bunch of Xbox 360 exclusive add-ons that will include new quests, locations and other features. This meshes with what we've been told before about the content updates for The Elder Scrolls V. Like the Kinect-enabled commands, the upcoming new content could be drawn from the work done during the Skyrim game jam. You can see that a lot of that very cool stuff in Bethesda game director Todd Howard's DICE 2012 prsentation.


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Nice to see where their priorities lie. How about fixing the game's thousands of bugs before you start adding things in that will just break OTHER things, Bethesda?

I don't want to sound like Captain Haterson here, but it's been pretty firmly established that Bethesda adding new content into their games causes entirely new waves of bugs and glitches to spread throughout them like a cancer. Remember how bad it was when the FO3 DLC packs first launched? It was like glitchageddon out there.