Kinect Brings Voice And Motion Control To Xbox Live

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Kinect engineer Ron Forbes demonstrated how users will navigate Xbox Live using Microsoft's motion-control system today, using a combination of movement and voice controls.


Ron took the stage at Microsoft's 2010 E3 presser to show the audience how Kinect would change the way we navigate Xbox Live. The Kinect camera recognized Ron, logging him into Xbox Live, bringing him to the Kinect hub. Then he used voice commands to select Zune, and navigated menus using hand movements.

"Xbox pause" paused video playback. "Xbox play" started it again. Simply saying "music" started music playing.

One step closer to Minority Report technology.

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This was the most interesting thing about it, given the lack of hardcore games in the presentation.

Now, the motion controls are cool. I'm kind of bummed that it relies on hovering to confirm, but still, it looks functional enough. Voice control tends to work well... if the microphone is up to the task. We'll see.

Either case, this works and it's exciting. I'm just wondering if the price point will justify the device as a glorified remote control, given the lack of interesting games right now.